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Katie is a 3-Time Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Bronzer, Professional Body Makeup Artist, and Founder of Kona Tanning Company. For years, Katie has helped beauty professionals across the globe reach their career goals by SIMPLIFYING spray tanning.  It's truly never been easier to begin!


Spray Tanning 101

It does not take years of makeup school… It does NOT take sacrificing time with your family to attend classes… It does NOT take studying materials that you hate! In just 50 minutes, with the RIGHT teacher, using REAL people, you can learn how to spray tan, develop your own style and make people in your neighborhood feel BETTER about themselves. This is NOT a glossed over video of processed models being made even more flawless – it’s a concentrated program for spray tanners who are serious about their work, with REAL body types as the focus. REAL spray tanning challenges and REAL techniques.

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Complete Contouring Academy

Follow along with my simple, PROVEN, 5-day Complete Contouring Academy system for quick and CAREER-CHANGING techniques – and get rewarded for your learning for THE REST of your career; once you’ve elevated your skills, they’re yours forever! CCA is a program that shortens your learning curve, giving you access to over 13 years of my work and the same techniques and methods that have made me and my students CRUSH IT every day.  Don’t miss cornering the market in your area, and earning the undying loyalty of your clients by offering something UNFORGETTABLE! Be a part of this program with me, and step up your career FOREVER.

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I already spent the time playing trial and error on myself, my family, and my friends. I spent years testing products and techniques, tanning THOUSANDS of clients in my salon. I used these same techniques on the world’s most famous supermodels and celebrities, seen by millions of people across the globe, so YOU KNOW they work! I’ve made it super easy to get started, so why wait?!

The Art of Airbrush Tanning

The Art of Airbrush Tanning is Katie Quinn’s original spray tan tutorial book, designed to teach both amateur and professional airbrush tanners how to master the beautiful art of airbrush spray tanning.  Even if you’ve never held an airbrush gun before, this book will help you find that confidence and skill needed to apply the perfect, custom airbrushed tan.  Even established artists find tips and tricks that save them time, banish flaws, and improves and upgrades their craft.  Airbrush tanning isn’t an easy art to fake, and with The Art of Airbrush Tanning digital download, you’re able to learn at your own pace, around your own schedule, so you can take your time to get the technique just right.

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Complete Contouring Academy

Airbrush contouring in spray tanning allows the spray tan artist to isolate and ENHANCE muscle definition, making it appear they’ve logged extra hours in the gym with just a few quick sprays!  Provide contours for the ultimate airbrushed abs, firm glutes, and everything else, all using your airbrush gun!  Hands down, adding contouring to my spray tans COMPLETELY changed the clientele that I attracted and was the single best thing that I ever did for my spray tanning business! The first thing I always hear from new celebrity clients is, “I HEAR YOU CAN CONTOUR!” ANYONE who is looking to charge a premium for their spray tan sessions, or work with celebrities NEEDS to learn how to contour as soon as possible!

I’ve done the hard work, perfected on the pros,

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