Spray Tanning 101 with Katie Quinn

It does not take years of makeup school… It does NOT take sacrificing time with your family to attend classes… It does NOT take studying materials that you hate!

In just 50 minutes, with the RIGHT teacher, using REAL people, you can learn how to spray tan, develop your own style and make people in your neighborhood feel BETTER about themselves.

This is NOT a glossed over video of processed models being made even more flawless – it’s a concentrated program for spray tanners who are serious about their work, with REAL body types as the focus. REAL spray tanning challenges and REAL techniques.

Katie Quinn’s Spray Tanning 101 teaches you how to spray tan REAL people!


Imagine waking up each day and looking forward to going to work.

You smile when you glance at your schedule, and see that you’re fully booked…AGAIN!

You carry yourself with a sense of pride as you glance over at the stack of new bikinis on the chair, that you know you’ll look GREAT in, and realize that this is how your clients are feeling, too. And they have YOU to thank.

You start each day with confidence, optimism and excitement knowing that you LOVE what you do, and that your clients love you for it.

Your competition keeps asking how you suddenly got so popular for spray tans! If they only knew!


YOU found out how to bring highly-demanded and high-quality spray tanning to your beauty business in just 50 minutes, and without leaving the comfort of your own home.

YOU are adding a gorgeous beauty treatment to your salon’s service menu, that your clients will LOVE, and will keep coming back for again and again.

You found Spray Tanning 101!

Here’s WHY It WORKS…

Over the last year I have spent every waking moment working to develop a training DVD that will completely streamline the way artists learn how to spray tan!

Here’s HOW it WORKS…

As a busy mom running a business, I don’t have a lot of extra time for my in-person training classes anymore, but I didn’t want to give up teaching. So I took the most important tools and techniques from my one-on-one private training, and I filmed ACTUAL spray tan sessions using ACTUAL clients.

I included the three most common body types that I have worked with in my thousands of spray tans, and I included fixes I’ve developed over the last decade for the most common body challenges and problems that a real spray tanner encounters EVERY DAY.

But the filming wasn’t the big discovery…

I discovered that in literally just 50 minutes with NO scheduling conflicts and NO wasted time, I could teach artists around the entire world how to be COMPLETELY prepared to spray tan REAL clients.

HERE’S THE DEAL: In-person training with me is $180 per hour, and I charge $2450 for my full private training course. It takes four 3.5-hour lessons to complete my spray tanning course.

THIS entire program is less than the cost of ONE hour of in-person training, but you get the complete training course, and everything you need to succeed for ONE low price!

And I have many clients who happily pay me hundreds of dollars every single month for private training!

This program and all of its components is an opportunity for you to obtain ALL that same knowledge I share with my students – the knowledge to get you FLAWLESS spray tans — for a fraction of the price of in-person training.


Spray Tanning 101 was designed to TEACH spray tanning FAST and with ZERO classroom time! Spray Tanning 101 is about EFFICIENT methods and techniques. You will watch real spray tans on real body types with ONLY useful information, for MAX RESULTS!


How to Get Spray Tanning 101 RIGHT NOW:

Digital Download Orders (includes all International): Get your digital download of the DVD just minutes from now, or watch online. Click HERE To Order (Note: Nothing will be shipped to you…it is a digital download.)





Meet Katie Quinn

Katie Quinn - creator of Complete Contouring Academy - is a 3-Time Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Bronzer, Professional Body Makeup Artist, and Founder of Kona Tanning Company. For years, Katie has helped beauty professionals across the globe reach their career goals by SIMPLIFYING spray tanning and contouring!

Through her clever and detailed take on airbrush spray tanning, Katie has attracted features from magazines like VOGUE, Cosmopolitan, Lucky, Harper’s Bazaar & Women’s Health.

Katie has worked with Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel, Miranda Kerr, and Behati Prinsloo, and maintains the daily glows of an impressive private celebrity clientele.

Katie has her own original product line with Kona Tanning Company, has written three books on mastering spray tanning and contouring, and launched her first spray tan training DVD in 2017.


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